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Electrifiyingly Good!

Here are some links to a couple of games on the web!!

I have been very organised for some reason and put all the games into sections so they are easier to find!!!! I will try to update this page when ever I can so please scroll right down to the bottom to see some more games!

3D Games

Now, while I was playing these games I noticed that to move around SOMETIMES the game plays up a little and so to move you have to click your mouse and press the arrow key to move. You'll get the hang of it!

This is a massive multiplayer game set in Medevil times. Basically you go around chopping eveyone to bits!!

This is a link to an excelent space game!!


Racing/Car Games

Here is a random driving game. You just drive around and explore. It is called Day Drive.

Here is a street racing game. Funnily enough it is called Street Racer!

This is a Formula One Racing Game.

Now if you have even bothered to read the link you will realise that the link leads you to a maths site. But take my word for it, once you start the game you will find it hard to stop!

Bike/Quadbike Games

Here is the lastest installment to the Trials 2 series.

Here is the Trials 2.

Here is the Trials Construction Yard.

Classic Games

Pac Man




 Thats all for now, check back in at a later date to see if ive added any more games.